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The Holy Grail is at the Cathedral of Valencia.

You may not have known that. Popes have confirmed that it is indeed a sacred relic – “a vestige of Christ’s presence on Earth,” according to John Paul II. You can learn the whole story here:

Last weekend I was in Valencia and saw the ancient agate cup for myself. (Sorry for the imperfect photo. No flash allowed, and the chapel is dimly lit.) The grail is in the niche behind the altar, protected by at least two layers of security glass.

As you may know, relics emit a kind of “mystic potency,” as Saint Gregory of Tours put it 1500 years ago, and being in the physical proximity of a relic benefits the soul. In this case, I have been near the chalice actually used by Jesus in the Last Supper.

So I am holier than thou.

— Sue Burke

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